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Looking for Solutions to a Life Worth Living? We specalize in finding solutions for people that are in dire need of support.

Would you like to learn about Advanced Emotional Intelligence?

Coach Rickard, PhD

In my 24 years of Practice I’ve  helped people overcome addictions, gentle health problems, relationship loss, and business failures. Anyone Experiencing these distressing life circumstances deserves to have the appropriate support and care. I am grateful that in my years working with people I have been able help discover their True potential and persevere. The transformation is their own  and their success is the result of their courage. Let’s travel this journey together.

Dr. Rickard Elmore, is a respected leader in Advanced Personal Development. His services are to help his Clients further their road to transformation while considering the following questions; Is it life? Is it addiction? Is it a mental health problem? Or are you wanting a deeper connection with your higher self? 

Life, Career, and Recovery Coach

Feeling lost on your path? I can help! Let’s travel this Path together enjoying the benefits of our time together.

Support Strategist and Mental Wealth Counselor

We can help you determine what the best options are for you based on your specific needs, desires, and priorities.

Our Commitment

Tailored Services

I work with you to supply tailored tools and solutions that will work for you and/or your loved one(s). These tools, once implemented, will change everything!Supporting and helping you accomplish your goals and dreams is my number one priority!


Are you concerned about confidentiality and job security? Take confidence that I have your privacy as one of my top priorities. My services are kept strictly confidential throughout our work together and after. 

Service and Hospitality

I know that your life is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  I am available for you when you need me, yes, that means 24/7! Supporting you 100% means being available 100%!

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